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Abacons is a company born from the meeting of two professionals, both with several years of experience in their respective fields, one related to the world of information technology and software development and the other in the world of professional training and administrative consulting.
The growth we have had during the years of activity allows us to operate successfully in the various fields offering a high-end service to our customers who represent companies and institutions of primary importance in the regional and national territory.

Working hours

Monday - Friday 09:00-18:00
Saturday - Sunday Closed
Abacons Srl

070 400370



Professional training is a strategic element to facilitate the entry or re-entry of young people and the unemployed into the world of work, and to strengthen the position of those who are already working, but who intend to grow and specialise, or to guarantee themselves more than the flexibility of the current labour market by strengthening their personal skills.

We speak of initial vocational training if it is aimed at young people approaching the world of work for the first time. It is referred to as continuing vocational training if it is aimed at adults who have been excluded from the world of work (unemployed) and/or who intend to retrain with a view to new or better integration.
The training activities carried out within the regional training system are financed by two main public sources: the European Social Fund (ESF) and the Regional Budget. To these resources can be added national funds that refer to sectoral laws in support of specific training activities.

The importance of vocational training and the interest of institutions and citizens is growing.
The opportunities and training opportunities in the region are growing, free of charge because they are financed by the Region – Regional Vocational Training Directorate with the support of the European Social Fund, and qualified because they are designed and managed by accredited training bodies.

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