Our Story

Abacons is a company born from the meeting of two professionals, both with several years of experience in their respective fields, one related to the world of information technology and software development and the other in the world of professional training and administrative consulting.
The growth we have had during the years of activity allows us to operate successfully in the various fields offering a high-end service to our customers who represent companies and institutions of primary importance in the regional and national territory.

Working hours

Monday - Friday 09:00-18:00
Saturday - Sunday Closed
Abacons Srl

070 400370

ICT Consulting

ICT Consulting

ICT Consulting

We offer our clients a 360 degree consultancy on the whole Information & Comunications Technologies sector, through the skills and experience derived from years of activity. We deal with innovation of business processes and software systems, security and cost optimization.
Our job is to support you in launching new initiatives based on new technologies, increasing your productivity, migrating your information systems, legal and technological adaptation of your IT tools.
We translate your expectations in terms of business information systems innovation into solutions, analyzing together with you the most effective solution for your company.
We are able to accompany you in the choice of the most suitable tools and guide you until you obtain the necessary funding to achieve the result.


We take care of the conception and structuring of the architecture of the overall project that we intend to carry out:

Organizing possible moments of meeting and exchange of experiences between organizers;
Carrying out the executive design of the intervention (feasibility project) in the sense of the detailed description of the training course, the contents of the professional profile to be achieved, the development of teaching modules, the identification of teachers, the teaching methodology, the elaboration of the schedule of lessons, the precise description of any internship or internship and anything else necessary to plan the intervention itself.
Organize possible moments of meeting and fine-tuning of the project or of some parts of it for needs not aprioristically assessable.


We carry out verification, supervision and control activities for the implementation of the project carried out by competent regional, national and EU officials or other persons specifically appointed to carry out the control activities.

The service of administrative-accounting verification and control of expenditure documentation concerns both periodic declarations (in itinere verifications) and final accounts (final verifications).

Monitoring and Management

Services provided as part of the monitoring of co-financed activities:

Transmission according to the regional timetable of the certification of expenditure actually incurred for each project, on the basis of the regulations in force on eligible costs. This transmission is based on the compilation of the following models specifically prepared by the Department:
Preparation of a summary sheet summarising the physical, financial and procedural data of the activities carried out;
Preparation of the detailed list of payments made separately for each course, showing the summary data of each expense document, the date of payment, the macro item and the specific expense item of reference;
Preparation of the statement of expenditure for each course

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